CASTELLANO                                             VALENCIÀ

II International Seminar on Research in Musical Education (SIEM) // I International Congress on Creativity in Artistic Education (CICREA)

June 27, 28, 29, 2018 – Valencia

The general objective of this Seminar / International Congress is to present a series of proposals and reflections on the course carried out by tutors, doctoral students and teaching staff so that they remain useful for researchers, doctoral programs and future doctors or Teachers in active employment, both in formal and non-formal education. The Seminar / Congress has been designed in an eminently participatory way, so that it helps us to define specific actions that lead to lines of research and innovation in artistic education and to encourage collaboration between national and international doctoral programs, as well as a clear commitment to innovation in educational practices.


The Seminar / Research Congress will be focused on the field of artistic creativity and will be a relevant meeting at the national and international levels, bringing together researchers, teaching staff and students from the university context and higher music conservatories, as well as teachers of ‘Primary Education, Secondary Education or Music Schools. It will count with the participation of four invited experts of recognized value of national and international scope in the field of the investigation in artistic education. Moreover, it has a scientific committee made up of renowned professors / investigators with a recognized track record in the field of artistic education in general and especially in music. A wide range of universities and Spanish conservatories will participate.

These types of meetings are of considerable value and need in the field of musical education. It should be noted that it is the first International Congress of these dimensions in the field of musical and artistic creativity organized in Valencia.

Modalities of Work

Lectures by invited experts and debate on the proposals.

Exhibition of research papers in poster sessions.

The posters will be presented by their authors in the corresponding sessions established throughout the meeting. There will be 10 minutes for the presentation of each poster (ppt projected format) and with half an hour of sharing and debate at the end of each session.

Conditions to participate in the poster session

Presentation of a summary of maximum 450 words, specifying:


– Hypothesis or questions




Thematic axes of poster sessions

Arts, education and context, Assessment and curriculum, Educational innovation, Artistic education and technology, Inclusion-diversity, Management and educational policies, Art and educational and social transformation, Psychology, Neuroscience and artistic education

Deadline April 30, 2018

Acceptance of the work will be communicated by email before May 30, 2018. Accepted works will be exposed by their authors in posters of 0.80 x 1.20m. and then presented in ppt projected format.


The participation as assistant will be certified and the posters accepted and presented will be certified as a communication presented at the Seminar and Research Congress.

The music education teachers of the Valencian Community will be able to attend the conferences framework, round table and workshops. They will receive a certificate from the Ministry if they have previously made the registration through the CEFIRE. In case you participate in poster communication you must complete the registration as professionals through the registration of the congress. In this case, it will be certified through the Institute of Creativity and Educational Innovations of the University of Valencia.